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非技术达人如何应对Win XP过期问题

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本文摘要:The default background for Microsofts Windows XP operating system -- a perfect blue sky full of cotton-candy clouds above rolling hills with impeccably trimmed grass and daffodils -- is the spring day we wish could last forever. 微软公司(Micro


The default background for Microsofts Windows XP operating system -- a perfect blue sky full of cotton-candy clouds above rolling hills with impeccably trimmed grass and daffodils -- is the spring day we wish could last forever. 微软公司(Microsoft) Windows XP操作系统的配置文件背景是一副春日景象――湛蓝的天空上飘浮着棉花糖般的朵朵白云,绿草茵茵、水仙成簇的山丘连绵起伏――真为期望这幅景象可以仍然持续下去。And fittingly, many people wish the operating system would last just as long. Introduced in 2001, Windows XP became so successful that Microsoft extended its support for an industry record of 12 years. Yet come April 8, XPs sunny day is over. 某种程度的,对于Windows XP操作系统,很多人也期望它可以仍然运营下去。由于Windows XP操作系统在2001年发售后大受欢迎,微软公司将对该系统的反对缩短至了创业界记录的12年。然而,随着4月8日将要来临,XP系统的艳阳天将不复存在。

At that time, Microsoft will cut off all user support and halt security updates, leaving the software vulnerable to newly discovered attacks. XP computers will still work, but the Bliss background image will just be a facade. The operating system will no longer be a safe place to work or play. 预计,微软公司将仍然向Windows XP的用户获取反对,并仍然获取安全更新,这将令Windows XP上配备的软件更容易受到新型病毒的反击。用于XP系统的电脑仍可工作,但是“春光明媚”的背景图片将沦为假象。不管对工作还是娱乐而言,XP系统都仍然安全性。

Our guidance is that you need to get off XP. Its really that black and white, says Tom Murphy, Microsofts spokesman handling the end of XP support. The companys party line is that Windows 8.1 -- the latest in Microsofts foray into touch-friendly interfaces -- is a fully modern operating system. 微软公司负责管理完结XP系统反对的新闻发言人汤姆墨菲(Tom Murphy)回应:“我们的建议是,你应当退出XP。这是毫无疑问的。

”微软公司声称,Windows 8.1是一款“十分时尚的操作系统”。Windows 8.1是微软公司在触控界面领域的近期力作。Since Windows XP first gained popularity, other alternatives have arisen. Theres Windows 7, of course, and offerings from Microsofts rivals, Apple and Google. Where is the best place for an XP refugee to go? Ive been weighing each option. 自从Windows XP开始风行以后,其他的操作系统也大大地兴起了出来。目前在市面上除了Windows 7以外,还有微软公司的竞争对手苹果公司(Apple)和谷歌(Google)研发的操作系统产品。

XP系统的原先用户应当何去何从呢?我权衡了每一种有可能的方案。Moving to Windows 8.1 升级至Windows 8.1If you have any doubt that Microsoft wants everyone to move to Windows 8.1, just visit amirunningxp.com. Designed to detect if users are running Windows XP, the site immediately suggests XP users upgrade to Windows 8.1 or buy a new Windows 8.1 computer. 如果你对微软公司期望每名用户都升级至Windows 8.1的意图所持猜测态度的话,那么你可以采访网站amirunningxp.com。

该网站需要对用户否加装了Windows XP展开检测,它不会立刻建议XP系统的用户升级至Windows 8.1或者出售全新的Windows 8.1电脑。Lots of computers from the age of XP can technically run the latest version of Windows. You just need a 1 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of hard drive storage. The biggest catch is your display has to have 1024 x 768 resolution. You can download the Windows Upgrade assistant to see if your system meets the requirements. 从技术上谈,在XP系统问世之际出售的很多电脑都能运营Windows系统的近期版本。

你只必须1 GHz的处理器、1 GB的内存和16 GB的硬盘存储空间。仅次于的问题在于你必须享有一台分辨率为1024 x 768的显示器。你可以iTunesWindows升级助手来查阅你的电脑否符合XP的系统市场需求。

The Windows 8.1 upgrade DVD costs $120, and Microsoft has teamed up with a backup service called Laplink to offer a free and easy way to transfer files. Windows 8.1的升级DVD售价120美元,微软公司早已与一个取名为Laplink的反对服务团队合力,发售了免费展开文件移往的服务。If you dont meet the system requirement, or view the upgrade process as a hassle, you could, of course, buy a new machine. But I am ambivalent to recommend Windows 8.1 to XP users. Microsoft revamped Windows, replacing the beloved classic desktop with a Start Screen of tiles that point to programs, files and services. You can still get to the desktop (theres a Desktop icon), but theres no Start menu in the corner. 如果你的电脑没能符合系统拒绝,或者你不愿为系统升级之事费心,你当然可以出售一台新的电脑。但是,我对向XP用户引荐Windows 8.1深感犹豫不决。


微软公司对Windows系统展开了大刀阔斧的改革,把颇受用户青睐的传统桌面替换成了由有所不同颜色的磁贴包含的开始界面,这些磁贴代表的是有所不同的程序、文件和服务。你依然可以重返到传统桌面(按桌面键),但是“开始”菜单早已不出传统桌面上了。Windows 8.1 is better than the original Windows 8 when it comes to the mouse and keyboard, and a forthcoming update will bring even more mouse-friendly enhancements, such as a close-window button inside apps. Ed Bott, Microsoft watcher and author of many Windows guides, says people should make the jump to 8.1, and that the next updates will make the system more similar to Windows 7. 在鼠标和键盘的用于感觉上,Windows 8.1的展现出要好于Windows 8,并且将要发售的改版版本还将带给更加友好关系的鼠标用于体验,比如应用程序内的系统重开按键等。微软公司监察员、多款Windows指南的作者艾德博特(Ed Bott)回应,用户应当必要升级至Windows 8.1,今后的改版将令系统更加像Windows 7。

Moving to Windows 7 升级至Windows 7系统Still, Windows 8.1 may be a radical change of pace for old-school Windows lovers, which is why I think Windows 7 makes a lot more sense for XP exiles. 然而,对于守旧派的Windows粉丝来说,Windows 8.1带给的变化有可能过于大了,这也是为什么我指出Windows 7对XP的原先用户来说更加适合。Despite Microsofts arguments that 8.1 is faster, safer and more reliable than Windows 7, everything in 7 is mostly in the same place as it was in Windows XP. Youll find the traditional desktop, the trusty Recycle Bin and the Start Menu. 尽管微软公司声称,Windows 8.1比Windows 7更加高效、更加安全性、更加可信,但是Windows 7的大多数功能都与Windows XP正处于完全相同的方位上。

你需要在Windows 7中看见传统桌面、有一点信赖的回收站和开始菜单。The problem is that, in its Windows 8 push, Microsoft has made Windows 7 harder to come by. But there still are two main ways to get it. The first and best choice is to buy a Windows 7 laptop or desktop from select manufacturer websites, including Acer, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo. They arent featured prominently, but go digging in the business-products sections of the companies sites and youll find them. Microsoft and the PC makers still provide support, too. Dells Latitude 330 and Acers Aspire V3 are both good choices under $700. 问题在于,在微软公司推展Windows 8的过程中,Windows 7更加难觅踪迹了。

但是,依然有两个方法可以提供Windows 7。第一个方法―也是最差的方法―就就是指电脑厂商的官网上出售一台Windows 7台式电脑或笔记本电脑,这些厂商还包括宏基(Acer)、戴尔(Dell)、惠普(Hewlett-Packard)和误解(Lenovo)。

电脑厂商未对Windows 7电脑展开大张旗鼓的宣传,但是通过搜索电脑厂商的销售官网,你一定可以寻找这些产品。微软公司和上述电脑厂商也仍将为Windows 7获取反对。戴尔的Latitude 3330和宏基的Aspire V3都是售价在700美元以下的不俗自由选择。

If you dont want to buy new hardware, things get trickier. Microsoft doesnt sell box copies of Windows 7 anymore. And if you buy the $99.99 version sold by online computer suppliers like Newegg, you dont get Microsoft support. You will get security updates until 2020, however. 如果你想出售新的硬件,事情就棘手多了。微软公司不向任何人出售盒装的Windows 7操作系统光盘。

如果你从新的蛋网(Newegg)等电脑产品网络销售商那里出售99.99美元的Windows 7版本的话,你会获得微软公司的技术支持。不过,在2020年前,你都会取得安全更新。Moving to a Non-Microsoft Camp 移往到非微软公司阵营Of course, there are other places to go if you venture outside of the world of Microsoft. 当然,如果你想要走进微软公司世界,外面的天地也很精彩。

If youre willing to spend more money than the average Windows PC, there are Apples Mac computers, which run OS X. That system will take some learning, but once you get the hang of it, it has a ton of great features. Apple also offers free classes for new Mac users at its stores. 如果你不愿缴纳比一般Windows电脑更高的价钱,那么你可以自由选择苹果公司配备了OS X系统的Mac电脑。你必须自学才能掌控OS X系统,但一旦你熟知了该系统,你不会找到它享有很多很好的功能。

苹果公司还向新的Mac用户获取免费的店内课程。Chromebooks tend to be cheap since they just run Googles browser. If you just need email and the Web, Acers C720 Chromebook is plenty powerful -- and only costs $200. Chromebook更加低廉些,因为这款笔记本不能运营谷歌的浏览器。如果你只必须读者邮件、网页网页的话,那么宏基的C720型Chromebook就十分强劲了,并且它的售价只有200美元。For the extreme computer literate, there are Linux options like Ubuntu, which run fine on older Windows XP computers. However, installing Linux requires patience and many popular programs wont work there. 对于电脑高手来说,他们可以自由选择Linux操作系统Ubuntu,该操作系统可以在更加杨家的Windows XP电脑上较好地运营。

然而,加装Linux系统必须一定的冷静,并且很多热门的程序无法在该系统上运营。Youre best bet is to buy a Windows 7 computer. Whatever path you do choose, dont be sad: You can always bring that perfect spring day wallpaper with you. 你最差的自由选择就是出售一台Windows 7电脑。无论你自由选择哪种办法,都不要哀伤:你总是可以将春光明媚的背景用于电脑桌面。